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Oct 19, 2020

Well, this is a world record! From recording to publishing in under a week? WTF??

Miracles will never cease.

This delectable slice of that podcast that just won't die kicks off with a disagreement on sandwiches.
River takes the government skills assessment and we get an insight into the great man - but it's utter...

Sep 12, 2020

It's been a while. Ok it's been a looooong while. But here it is, a light in a world of utter madness, some stupidity to break through the mire, some complete and utter...well you know.
And if you don't, well good luck.

In this long-overdue slice of Mirth, the boys catch up on what's been happening - as much as they...

Dec 12, 2018

Yes they're back! (and about as welcome as a second term for Donald Trump).

In this delectable slice of idiocy, the boys have an argument over a facebook joke, decide it's time for a show-sponsored charitable initiative and discuss unfair taxes.

Dr Norman tries to support a positive attitude to gender fluidity by using...

Jul 14, 2018

Oh my lord! In this skip back in time (quite literally, this was recorded 3 months ago FFS!), Dr Norman has a speech impediment (not drink related) and has face aids. Some bright spark has the idea for everyone to do accents... and it's about as ridiculous as you would imagine.

Along with the normal shenanigans, there's...

Jun 3, 2018

Crumbs you are being spoiled! A new episode in under 3 months - what's going on??!!
In this new instalment of what no-one is calling "the Tupperware of comedy podcasts" (no I don't know either), the boys are worried that they may be recording pretty much the same episode as the previous one as they were so drunk they...