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Dec 23, 2014

Join Dr Norman Trousers & River Zambezi on this, the first Casa Mirth podcast Christmas special.

This harks back to the good old Morecambe and Wise Christmas TV specials from England in the 70's/80's, although I doubt Morecambe and Wise would have heard of, let alone had an opinion on, scat porn.

In this very special...

Dec 3, 2014

People of the internet! People who love podcasts! People with ears! Today we celebrate Mirthday!!

That's right - the Casa Mirth podcast is 1 year old! Who would have thought from humble beginnings, sitting on camping chairs and drinking tea, a year later Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi would still be kicking...

Nov 8, 2014

In this all-new episode, Dr Norman Trousers is suffering from the sinus AIDS (he has a cold).

After a silky start to the show, Dr Norman tells tales of travel, espionage, guerrilla advertising and the difference in toilet flushing between planes and trains.

There's a call to arms for our listeners, a discussion about...

Oct 12, 2014

The "F" Word? : Fappening, Furry Fellatio, 555 and F*ckloads of Fun!

That's right folks, it's here! The show you would rather listen to than be kicked in the genitals by a donkey (we hope).

After a difficult time actually starting the show, Dr Norman comes up with a new spin on speed dating. River talks about a recent...

Sep 3, 2014

So here it is folks! Episode 10 of the show that won't just molest your funnybone - it'll buy it a drink first and respect it in the morning.

In this milestone edition, a debate around an ultra-orthodox religious act descends into a difference of opinion on self-fellatio. There's a white board (or maybe a wipe board);...