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Sep 12, 2020

It's been a while. Ok it's been a looooong while. But here it is, a light in a world of utter madness, some stupidity to break through the mire, some complete and utter...well you know.
And if you don't, well good luck.

In this long-overdue slice of Mirth, the boys catch up on what's been happening - as much as they can remember.
Dr Norman recalls the time he did an open mic stand-up routine. The Casa Mirth website got hacked and Dr Norman got confused.
There's a ridiculous discussion on toilet paper (more or less), no Mensa prizes for a chat about invisibility, and a potential avenue for a new career via Only Fans.

Celebrity Brainwave invites an acting legend to show their general knowledge chops, the Channel Mirth News returns and did we mention the Falcon sex hats?