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Jul 14, 2018

Oh my lord! In this skip back in time (quite literally, this was recorded 3 months ago FFS!), Dr Norman has a speech impediment (not drink related) and has face aids. Some bright spark has the idea for everyone to do accents... and it's about as ridiculous as you would imagine.

Along with the normal shenanigans, there's dicks, blasphemy and for some reason, cock jousting.

Poor old Stephen Hawking is dead, and they're still banging on about his dick. Finally Dr Norman gets distracted by River Zambezi ordering food at the end, so there isn't really an end bit (not that you'll mind I'm sure, you know how to find us).

So if you ever thought the hosts were drunk before....well maybe you'll reconsider after listening to this one.

Oh and did we mention there's a VERY special guest? (who didn't know that Bruce Forsyth was dead...)