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Jun 3, 2018

Crumbs you are being spoiled! A new episode in under 3 months - what's going on??!!
In this new instalment of what no-one is calling "the Tupperware of comedy podcasts" (no I don't know either), the boys are worried that they may be recording pretty much the same episode as the previous one as they were so drunk they couldn't remember what happened (and recorded this before S5E1 had been edited).

We have the world's quickest conversation about vegans. Dr Norman knows surprisingly little about anatomy for a doctor and isn't losing weight...and we might know why.
River learns about colonics and enemas and the difference between the two and the boys conclude that cancer is bad.

All that, a new episode of Casa Mirth's Film Club and a truly "interesting" chat about Stephen Hawking and it's business as usual for the funniest podcast these notes are about.