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Oct 19, 2020

Well, this is a world record! From recording to publishing in under a week? WTF??

Miracles will never cease.

This delectable slice of that podcast that just won't die kicks off with a disagreement on sandwiches.
River takes the government skills assessment and we get an insight into the great man - but it's utter rubbish (the assessment that is).
Dr Norman is...a bit tipsy and Paul Heaton from the Beautiful South is a very nice man.
River REALLY doesn't like Meghan Merkin. Or Ed Sheeran. Or rich people.
We meet Ada and (Inappropriate) Edna and are welcomed to the Hotel Aquarius.
The reminiscent frenchman tells another tale and there's chat of Dr Norman's fixation with one of the victims of the great Pompeii disaster.

Oh, and there's a world exclusive on the Channel Mirth News that you will NOT want to miss...