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Dec 23, 2015

They're back. Yes, a very drunk Dr Norman Trousers (having had an afternoon of Christmas drinks at work), and the first person to ever attempt to perform a magic trick on an audio-only podcast, River Zambezi.

In this festive spectacular, we find that River doesn't like pastrami and Dr Norman's never had a spam fritter. There's an update on (and a song for) Ralph, River's new saying doesn't go down too well and there's a bit of a dark revelation about Finding Nemo.

There was a bit of confusion over some of the articles for sale on Firebox, against all scientific evidence Dr Norman argues the toss about how hot a volcano is and both hosts get a little apologetic over the feel for the episode as circumstances meant that the recording session didn't follow "the process".

Dr Norman's memory lets us all down and he forgets the name of the lovely person on Twitter who had some very kind words for the show (it was @DJSL22), and is aghast at the literally tons of crap games for kids this Christmas (and mixes up Poopy Fun Time with Poopy head - both are quite ridiculous although one may not even be real).

A familiar face (voice?) is back for the Channel Mirth News, there's Film Club, Radio Mirth (with the world premiere of the Christmas song recorded especially for the Casa Mirth podcast, aka Casa Aid) and the highlight of the show, the "special" part of the Christmas Special - the star-studded Casa Mirth version of The Nativity.

All this adds up to the best Christmas Special yet!

Merry Christmas, one and all!