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Jun 27, 2014

Remember at the start of the Blair Witch project where they "find the footage"? Well this is nothing like that.
However...episode 8 of the ramshackle comedy podcast that is Casa Mirth has indeed been gathering dust for several months. There might be some clues as to why in the show, and all will be properly explained in episode 9 that should be available much sooner!
In this episode:
Dr Norman and River take us all on a "Magical Mystery History Tour" where one variable in a historic situation is changed and the outcome is discussed. We find out why River hates Timmy Mallett, and hear his rant about charity "reliefs".
We catch up with our show regulars on the Channel Mirth Newsteam who have a new co-presenter, the boys reminisce over discarded jazz mags and lactating porn and surprisingly there's also some fully bona fide words of wisdom.