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Dec 23, 2016

It's that time of year again folks! Roll up for the biggest, daftest, star-studdedest Casa Mirth podcast Christmas Special ever!
Dr Norman doesn't know how to pronounce David Bowie's name, 2016 has not been a good year to be a celebrity and the boys ponder the immortal question - who would win in a fight between Santa and Jesus?
Bonn Voyage pops up for a quick Christmas conversation and Dr Norman and River discuss what happened in the years that they were born.
Alongside this, there's a couple of Christmas music classics played for your listening pleasure on Radio Mirth, a podcast star-studded episode of Celebrity Brainwave and the epic (literally it's massive) Christmas Special radio play.
This year it's the Casa Mirth version of the Bill Murray version of Charles Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol. Featuring a whole host of podcast heroes, this version is guaranteed to be different to any that you've heard before.
Featuring (in no particular order): Marc Hershon, Tommy Royal, Samantha Pett, Stuart Buckland, Jason McNamara, River Zambezi, Angus Doodall, Paint it Black podcast, Bold and Belligerent, The LoFi Show, Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Old Man Orange, Nigel Boydell, Davian Dent, Megan Mohn, What a pair of Trousers, Bonn Voyage, Eric Furniss, The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe, Ice and the Face, Ed Wallick and Dr Norman Trousers. (hope we didn't miss anyone!).
So sit back, relax, grab some egg-nog or whatever your favourite Christmas tipple is and settle into Christmas with Casa Mirth.
Merry Christmas!