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Dec 23, 2014

Join Dr Norman Trousers & River Zambezi on this, the first Casa Mirth podcast Christmas special.

This harks back to the good old Morecambe and Wise Christmas TV specials from England in the 70's/80's, although I doubt Morecambe and Wise would have heard of, let alone had an opinion on, scat porn.

In this very special episode, Dr Norman has a bone to pick with Jools Holland. River isn't impressed with Norman's new euphemism and there's a 65,000 million year detour!

The boys give a tip of the hat to a recent PodUp and the not-so good guerilla advertising in London (it's much better in Korea!).

Dr Norman is fairly disgusted by the thought of turkey and stuffing flavoured donuts and on a more festive note, recounts an article outlining reindeer's hallucinatory proclivities and the "circle of p*ss".
There's also a fairly inexplicable and un-festive diversion towards poo and our co-hosts have very different feelings about Christmas.
With the ever-present Channel Mirth News discussing the Jolly old fat man, a festive version of Film Club, a Christmassy Carl Danger and a Christmas Eve sitcom, sit back with your egg-nog, vodka or crystal meth and enjoy the fun.

All of this, and more special guest stars than you can shake a stick at, makes this a cracking present to open this Christmas!