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Sep 3, 2014

So here it is folks! Episode 10 of the show that won't just molest your funnybone - it'll buy it a drink first and respect it in the morning.

In this milestone edition, a debate around an ultra-orthodox religious act descends into a difference of opinion on self-fellatio. There's a white board (or maybe a wipe board); the premise of how a difference in spelling could distort reality (which does affect old favourites, the Channel Mirth News and Film Club) and there's a new approach to recording.

Dr Norman Trousers gets his own theme tune; there's discussions around stunt cocks and dolphin rape and we hear all about River Zambezi's claim to fame.

Dr Norman almost gets emasculated by Kathleen Turner, the boys discuss the benefits of reviewing the show on iTunes and we get to find out: who is Carl Danger?