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May 12, 2018

Well that was a bit of a wait! Your forgotten favourite podcast is back - and it's like it never went away.
In this delectable slice of Mirth:

There's an argument straight out of the gate, and Dr Norman apologises to one of the artistes who contributed to the Christmas special...

River saw the Human Centipede 3 and has an itchy bum (not related). The boys have had an idea for Christmas...and it's big!
Dr Norman gets emotional and has questionable experiences with cats, there was an incident after the Christmas special and the boys ask a very provocative question.

All in all, Dr Norman is drunk, River gets a bit angry and it all gets a bit lively (maybe more than usual - for reasons explained on the show). That said, it's all over before you know it.

So sit back, put your waterproof laughing pants on and enjoy!