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Mar 20, 2017

Yes folks - the proverbial bad penny of podcasts is back with a bang! Apart from not knowing what they're doing, it's like they've never been away...ok so they never know what they're doing... This episode can best be described by a phrase that most men wish they could say; "It might be long, but it won't hurt". Ok actually it's more like "It'll be over before you know it".

In this funtabulous episode, Dr Norman Trousers attempts a retrospective of 2016 focussing on celebrities who died with little fanfare - which is made harder by the fact that River Zambezi hasn't heard of any of them.

Dr Norman just wants a "coffee" and can't do a Russian accent. There's a brief chat about advertising and the boys go off into their own little world after having an idea for "japes" at Currys (a local electrical retailer).

There's an attempt to remember children's tv theme tunes that turns into a discussion that goes as well as you'd expect, and a chat about classic films reveals why Norman won't go on a cruise.

Norman's given up bread and had a dream about a doughnut (that's donut) that leads to an inevitable question.

Talking TV shows turns into a heated discussion about "romance" (well not exactly - but it turns out River's an old romantic at heart.)

So sit back, grab a drink and get ready for another slab of mirth and merriment from your favourite idiots.