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Jul 30, 2017

What??!! A second episode in the same month?? What is happening here!?

Yes that's right - the boys are back in this (appropriately titled) Unplanned episode of your favourite podcast.
Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi went to a beer festival ...all day. An impromptu recording session ensued, with virtually no planning - and it probably shows.

In this slice of aural carnage, there's arguments about making tea and mobile phones, talk of fantasy women and recollection of a very deep conversation in the cab on the way home from the beer festival.

Dr Norman can't remember pretty much anything, there's an attempt at answering a listener question that goes horribly wrong and the hosts are both entirely unimpressed with the latest charity single doing the rounds.

With no ads, no sketches, and let's face it - no idea, this all wraps up into a welcome surprise episode from two of the biggest idiots in podcasting.