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Sep 25, 2015

In yet another episode from the Halley's Comet of podcasting, we join Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi for more daft discussions and comedy gold. (ok white gold admittedly).
In this show, an off-the-cuff comment leads to a disturbing discussion regarding sexual preferences (kind of), we find out that Dr Norman doesn't like mushy peas and has been refused booze again.

The boys have been to a wedding (and got busted being a bit naughty), there's an elaboration on the tank paintballing story from the last episode and a stark warning on Dr Norman's web browser leads to a very serious and unsavoury news-story about an ex co-worker.

We get to hear the award-winning Casa Mirth-produced Balderdash theme tune from the Paint It Black Comics podcast, River refuses to believe a story about a Mexican with a third leg and we find that it's not just Jesus's wang that's worshipped.

All this, a new episode of Film Club (with tasty treats!), Redneck and Raunchy, more Radio Mirth and the ever present Channel Mirth News all combine into a great way to waste some time.