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Jun 1, 2015

In this episode which has been a long time coming (to almost biblical proportions you could say), the boys discuss the story of Easter and suggest some alternatives to the generally agreed legend - plot-holes and all. There's also revelation about Jesus you may not have heard before.

We find that Dr Norman never has bad dreams, there's ASCII porn, talk of show t-shirts gets a bit weird and River is not impressed with Dr Norman's tales of food-based disasters.

A theoretical talk of time machines kicks off a bit of a reminiscence, Dr Norman loses a word and we learn that meerkats are areseholes, emperor penguins are shits and otters are cunts.

The stand-in presenters of the Channel Mirth News sound suspiciously like Bonn & Obo and there's a new edition of Film Club.

This, along with an absolute legend saying hello, all adds up to another blinder of your favourite show!