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Nov 8, 2014

In this all-new episode, Dr Norman Trousers is suffering from the sinus AIDS (he has a cold).

After a silky start to the show, Dr Norman tells tales of travel, espionage, guerrilla advertising and the difference in toilet flushing between planes and trains.

There's a call to arms for our listeners, a discussion about a japanese sex doll ramps up into a bit of an argument and River Zambezi doesn't like the lucky waving chinese cat in the Casa Mirth studio.

Dr Norman ventures past #172 on the telly and is surprised at the preponderance of both urdu and babestation channels, sparking a conversation that descends into an increasingly bizarre and entirely uninformed deliberation of online webcam porn sites.

Unexpectedly, Dr Norman has a little rant of his own about people who diss the mediums by which this lovely show is heard, which River gets a little scared by.

All this, shout outs to new friends, the ever-present Channel Mirth News, more wandering away from the point (how did we get here?) and a re-enactment of an uninvited "cold call",  make for another hilarious episode of your new favourite podcast!